Box Bubble Wrap® Tape Combo Packs

Box Bubble Wrap® Tape Combo Packs

Shipping Supply Combo Pack includes, Bundle of Boxes, Bubble Wrap® and Tape.

Corrugated Boxes are designed to provide strong protection for mailing, storing, shipping and displaying products. We offer brown corrugated cardboard shipping boxes and white corrugated cardboard shipping mailers.

Bubble Wrap® is the perfect protective cushioning material for protecting your fragile items during shipping, moving or storage. Bubble Wrap® puts a cloud of air totally around you fragile item, protecting it from bumps and drops while it is being moved across country, or to a storage shed. Color Bubble Wrap adds a special touch, brands your company, makes holiday shipments more festive.

Our clear carton sealing packaging tape is high quality and an economical choice for sealing packages and cartons! This tape exceeds UPS and USPS regulations, and can be used for all of your packages! Acrylic tape is best for long term storage when shelf life is important.

Color tape can be used on boxes for each package delivery service. For example, Purple for Fed-Ex Packages, Red for Express packages, Green for 1st Class mail, ETC. Color tape is great for moving. Each room gets its own color. No more wondering what is in the box! Great for branding your company.

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