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​Today's Shipping Tip of the Day: Diversifying Your Small Parcel Shipping Methods

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 If your company is shipping multiple packages a day, and all of the packages do not weigh and measure the same, you should be diversifying your shipping methods. FedEx, UPS and the United States Postal Service are all great companies. All three will pick up packages from your home, office, or warehouse, and ship to every address in the United Sates ... But, if you are using just one of these companies to deliver ALL of your packages, you are probably paying too much for shipping.

We have found, for us, USPS is cheapest on packages weighing from one ounce to, two lbs, and some of the flat rate and regional rate boxes that they offer.

We have found that, for our packages weighing over 2 lbs, UPS and Fedex are usually the better way to go.

On a side note, it is also good to have accounts with both UPS and Fedex. Just in case there is a disruption in service with one, or say there is a billing issue, you have the other to fall back on until the issue is corrected.

Also, it currently appears UPS and their Employees are presently re-negotiating their contract right now. Workers have given their union approval to call for a strike if needed. It may just be a negotiation tactic, and nothing to worry about. But again, it never hurts to be diversified, just in case.

- Jason Archambault

  Fastpack Packaging Inc.


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