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40lb Boxes

Our Crinkle Cut Iridescence Laminated Paper Gift Basket Shred makes the workplace a better place. Do your customers want a smoother production line? Crinkle Cut™ shred requires no fluffing and manipulating. In one clean motion, a gift packer grabs the appropriate amount of shred and fills up the container. Speaking of clean, that's another great benefit: since you don't need to pull at it to puff it out, Crinkle Cut™ shred creates little-to-no dust, leading to a better workplace and happy gift packers.

An Eco-friendly alternative to polystyrene foam peanuts, Spring-Fill's decorative shred can protect as well as enhance your precious items and brand images. The loose-fill packing material is slit and crimped into a uniform configuration of strands designed to provide maximum expansion and yield.